All hopes on NSA Ajit Doval for India-China peace dialogue over Doklam standoff

India's National Security Adviser Ajit Doval is planning to visit China this week for meeting his counterparts from BRICS (Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa) nations but considering the status quo between India and China over the military standoff in Doklam, all eyes will be glued on Doval to bring a change in the present situation.

Earlier this month, Human resources development minister Prakash Javadekar, Minister of state for tourism Mahesh Sharma and Health minister J.P. Nadda visited China for BRICS-related meetings but after all these meetings, Doval's visit is considered more important because he is also India's representative for border talks with China.

Doval will start his visit on 27th July; it is the fourth meeting after the face off on 16th June as China has been trying to build a road in Bhutanese territory.

Major Opportunity

Considering the rising temperature between Indian and China borders, it will be difficult for Doval to scale down the heat as China's foreign ministry has launched consistent attacks against India, accusing it of "trespassing" into Chinese territory. Though, Doval is the right option for the talk yet nothing much fruitful can be expected. Besides, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has clearly stated that any further talks about Doklam will only be possible if India will withdraw from this tri-junction debate among Bhutan, China and India.

Media attacks on top brass

Lately, Chinese media has been attacking Indian leaders like Prime Minister Narendra Modi and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj accusing that the elections in 2014 had given hype to nationalist sentiments in India hence the diplomatic attitude of the foreign ministry.

Further, they said that the heated border activity from Indian side is nothing but an attempt to cater to the need of Indian nationalists.

In another opinion based article, they have mentioned that Sushma Swaraj lied in Parliament when she said that India's position on Doklam standoff is right and all nations are with the decision.

Recent specualtions

There has been a change in statements over the weekend ahead of Doval's visit as the Chinese news agency, Xinhua suggest that India and China need to enhance communication to develop the trust between them.

But experts predict that if everything won't turn out well after Doval's visit then things will be really awkward for India and China both in September when they will be receiving Prime Minister Narendra Modi for BRICS Summit.

Speculations around Doval's visit have ratcheted up the tension level on both sides but he is believed to lay the groundwork for lowering down the temperature on border areas. The People's Liberation Army today said that its capability to protect China's territory was "indomitable" and it was ready to step up deployment on the plateau. These warnings for India won't help to resolve this matter hence all hopes are now pinned to Doval and his expertise in handling national security matters.


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