Teachers at Telangana govt school wears helmets to grab attention for fixing school building

TELANGANA: Have you ever seen anyone wearing helmet at work, inside a building. Images of government employees wearing helmets are doing rounds on social media and the reason of wearing helmets inside building is that the staff thought it was the best way to save them from sustaining injuries. Teachers at a government school in Telangana's Medak district were photographed teaching while wearing helmets.

The staff of the school sent out numerous appeals to the government to fix the school building. But all their requests fell on deaf ears. Now, to protest against the delay in renovation of the dilapidated school building, teachers have resorted to this unique measure to grab attention.
Monsoon makes it very difficult to be in the classrooms.

With leaking roof and plaster peeling off the ceiling, the sorry state of the building is not fit to be called an educational institute. But with illiteracy posing a big challenge, the students and the teachers are striving hard to make things work. And not just in the classroom, the teachers have been wearing helmets in the staff-room too. Teachers have been complaining about the deteriorating building for three years now, but district administrations have not done anything to solve their problems.


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