Millions of people watching rotating blue storm on Facebook goes viral

Video footage included

Million Facebook Live users tuned in to an awe-inspiring video of nature as a massive, swirling supercell storm is creating a majestic view.

The video stunned many on road following the glimpse of the rotating cell storm with blue red radiations, pouring in deep thoghtful sites by creating millions of viewers for this blue rainbow delight.

This rotating storm going viral and stunning the viewers completely over on social media since yesterday.

A stunning storm was caught on camera as it swirled over the skies in the United States. Circling and making a shape like a majestic blue rainbow in the sky, it eradicates sparkling light near the town of Wall, South Dakota, USA.

The sound of thunder can be heard in the background as the blue rays speed up in the sky. Shared on Facebook by Newsfeed, the live video has been viewed millions of times, and it has also garnered almost 77,000 shares. However, a lot of users are also calling it "fake" and saying that "the video is on repeat".

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