WhatsApp iOS update brings pinned chats, ability to share all file types

WhatsApp iOS update 2.17.40 has just rolled out for users, and it brings in some new features, including the ability to share any kind of file on the app. WhatsApp on Android had got this feature last week, which will let users share all file types, including APKs, MP3 files, etc in addition to the documents, video file formats that were earlier supported on the app.

WhatsApp on iOS also brings the option of pinning chats to the top of the chat list. This feature has also been part of the Android version of the app for sometime. Users can pin three chats to the top of the WhatsApp homepage.

Then messages from these chats will appear right on top, so it's a good way of keeping track of chats from important contacts. In order to pin a chat right on top, just swipe right on the chat, and the option to pin will appear. Just pin the chat on top, and in order to unpin follow the same steps.

The iOS update also brings the option of quickly forwarding or deleting photos received in a bunch. WhatsApp says that when a user gets multiple photos, they can tap and hold the group of photos and chose to either forward them or delete them.

WhatsApp on iOS, Android has already starting showing multiple pictures in an album format. In order to delete or forward all these photos, just long press on them, and a small menu appears, which has the option: Forward All or Delete All or Message the person. Just pick the option you wish to choose.

WhatsApp is also expected to roll out a new feature that could allow users to recall, undo sent messages as well. For a lot of users, this could be one of the most awaited features to come on the app. The messaging app is also going to add services, wherein banks, airlines, etc could WhatsApp users, instead of sending text messages to them.


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