Real life lessons to learn from Harry Potter

Harry Potter is not just the title of a literary series of the 'boy who lived' but it is also a unique,larger than life undying era of wizards (actually muggles) for me and millions of other children who have lived and continue to live in this wizarding imaginary world of legendary writer JK Rowling ,still waiting for their Hogwarts letter to be received via Owl post.

Harry Potter as perceived by many, is not just a story of bravery, adventure or fighting for what's right but also a story about of Love and friendship that teaches us tons with the flip of each page .

So here's lining up 12 of the most significant morals Harry Potter promises to convey to all its readers turned potterheads, aspiring to inspire a whole new generation for over 2 decades now . .... ..

1. The supreme power of love and sacrifice is greater than any magic

"Professor why couldn't Professor Quirrel touch me ?",Harry asked Dumbledore ,
".....because of the shield of Love created by your mother's sacrifice ",Dumbledore answered.
It was a mother's Love that saved an infant Harry Potter from the darkest wizard that day at Godrics hollow, love that kept Dumbledore letting him know the darkest truths of the prophecy, and love indeed that led Snape to protect Harry everyday without letting anyone know about it .

Harry never wanted anyone to die for him, but in the end (Deathly Hallows 2) to save his friends , he chose to do the same, ending the battle of Hogwarts by sacrificing himself, facing Voldemort brave heartedly. This explains it all -Love Is not selfish, it is the magical feeling that is unconditional ,leading you to shield the people you love from the evilest of the Death eaters

2. Loyalty can take you places

Being loyal is a great adding quality to one's personality but having a loyal person by your side is an even greater asset. Let's take the example of ‘the chamber of secrets ‘climax -Harry would have died of the Basilisk's wound if not for Phokes the Phoenix, whose tears possessed healing powers and as quoted by Dumbledore himself "nothing but true loyalty shown by Harry down in the chamber could have brought Phokes to him ".

Now, here's the not so successful example of the darkest wizard of all time -Voldemort. Though the dark lord was successful in building his strong army of dark death eaters, none of them was loyal enough to return for their fallen master at the time of need extending his downfall for over 13 long years. Clearly: loyalty alone yields loyalty. Be loyal to others and then only others would be loyal to you. Great wizards understood it, the foolish wizards did not. So if you have loyal people around you'll always have a ‘Dobby ‘to back you up... and If not then you better have a ‘Wormtail ‘who'll perhaps return out of fear.

3. Little knowledge is dangerous

If You have ever come across the Harry Potter books or movies you'll always feel bad for Harry for not having known or being fully aware of the actual truths and meanings behind numerous things -be it Voldemort's and his connection ,the night at Godrics Hollow, the Prophecy or learning dark spells from the half blood Princes' book, Sirius Black's and Tom Riddle's identity and a lot more. You tend to feel pity for the poor boy who if had known about these various important aspects, would have had a simpler life avoiding certain worries. Though not entirely his fault (due to lack of proper guidance and hiding of certain truths by people) -Little knowledge proved to be dangerous for Harry and the others ..Think of it this way had he known Voldemort's trick Sirius wouldn't have died, he might not have been feared at all at the first place.

It's true that one learns from previous foolish deeds but in this case such deeds cost a lifetime, thus teaching us that having complete knowledge of something is crucial before acting in order to keep trouble at bay.

4. Importance of trust
Trust is just like a thin strand of cotton thread -delicate and fragile, once broken you may tie it up again.. But that ' knot ‘ which ties it together again will always be there to disturb the ease.
There was a coward man -Wormtail, who out fear of dying, betrayed his friends Lily and James Potter.. Leading to their deaths in the hands of the dark lord. And then there was a courageous man -Sirius Black, who out of pure emotion of trust agreed to serve a 12 year long sentence in hell -the Azkaban prison, rather than betraying his dearest friends. It's your choice how you want to be remembered.

5. Curiosity is not a sin, but one should practice caution

As quoted by the wisest wizard Albus Dumbledore, being curious is absolutely natural-at any age :after all see Mr. Wealsely who even found toilet cleaners interesting. But in rage for finding answers to our curious questions one often forgets the limits and boundaries one ought to adhere to, leading to undesirable troubles.

Curiosity no doubt helps a man grow but sometimes simply taking up the courage to ask a wiser man could be a brilliant idea or at least better than entering the Chamber of Secrets after following the spiders- I mean who asked them to!!! The trio in the first 2 books are seen bothering themselves over unwanted stuff of greater level ,most of which did not directly concerned them ,only because they were curious to solve those mysteries. Thus ,it rightly comprehends-‘curiosity ‘may' kill the cat ‘.

6. Friends are family

You know what is the one thing will never have and understand?... (no it's not a nose) -it's the power of Love and friendship. Friendship that has no bonds, friendship that fights all difficulties together, friendship where you know that no matter what they'll be by your side ,providing you strength and advice along with a shoulder to cry on. Harry Potter might not have been lucky enough to have a proper family but he undoubtedly had the best friends in the world
"Ron and Hermione "-his companions in bad times and providers of most of his good times.. Friends without whom Harry wouldn't have survived. Your friend circle depends on your choices but if you have such great friends who are like your family, then feel blessed and appreciate their presence in your life.

7. Ignorance isn't ‘Always a bliss ‘

It was Voldemort's ignorance of some of the minor yet important details that lead to his defeat The Dark Lord -one who plans to foresee everything is often seen neglecting and overseeing the power of love. It was his negligence of this pure emotion that lead to failure of penetrating into Snape's mind that was filled with unflinching love for Lily, and finally to his downfall when Lily Potter ,out of love cast herself between him and Harry that night at Godrics hollow.

Not only Voldemort, but even the wisest wizard Dumbledore, given to his overload mind manages to skip some required information causing trouble for himself and Harry of course.
Just like these great wizards, we also in our day to day life tend to forget and overlook various things, taking them lightly thus causing hindrance in future endeavors. Hence it is very much in our favour that we be fully aware and alert of our surroundings and happenings in order to lead a successful And happier life.

8. Don't Judge a book by its cover

Well it's aptly said that just by looking at the books cover isn't the right way to judge it and the same applies for humans too. JK Rowling in her honoured works repeatedly makes us readers encounter various scenarios where things or people aren't what they actually seem to be. Many times only by judging situations from their outer appearance has caused wrong hasty decisions and misunderstandings too.

This can be elaborated simply by explaining Snape's behavior towards Harry that was considered to be negative by all ,throughout the seven years of Harry's life , who knew that some day the same Malfoy, who swanked a ton ,would stand up to save the Golden trio at Malfoy manor? Or The power of occulmency used by Voldemort to trick Harry would succeed? Nevertheless being judgemental and prejudiced about things will mostly lead to trouble.

9. It's not out abilities but our actions that show what we truly are

Sirius Black one said, "The world isn't Split into good people and death eaters, we have both light and dark within us.. It's just a matter of which side we choose to work upon ". Tom Riddle was represented as a prodigy since the start ,but it were his choices and dark inspirations that derailed him on the destructive path which in the end resulted in defeat and perhaps if he'd gone the right way then there wouldn't have been a reason for Harry Potter series.

It's not always that we'll Unbiasedly will Always choose what is right, but it's More about where our heart's true loyalties lie. One might be exceptionally excellent in a Chosen field but wrong choices and influences in life lead you astray. For instance think about how the wizarding world would have been if Dumbledore had remained with Grindlewarld, hunting the Deathly Hallows.

10. Intellect if well used can be lifesaving

You might not like to see a pile of books in front of you but trust JK, books can really be your best friends and library itself as the best place (look at Hermione in case of doubt). Miss Hermione Granger in numerous occasions has proven the need for intellect and knowing your subjects well. If not for Miss know it all (Hermione) the trio might never have escaped the Devil's Snare while finding the Sorcerers stone ,thus teaching us that often textual knowledge applied practically could be life saving or at least help us think a way out of the problem.

11. "Happiness can be found in the darkest of times , if alone one remembers to turn on the light "

‘ The glass is half full or half empty ‘ is a popular question often asked in order to judge a person as optimist or pessimist because the way we analyze or see things in life defines our way of life. People often end up blaming others or the circumstances for their failures but tend to forget that it's they and they themselves and no one else who can bring a change to' their ‘ life. As explained by Dumbledore, one can find happiness in the most darkest and troublesome of times if alone one is willing enough to help herself /himself out of the gloom. As a matter of fact, people always look for inspiration from an outside source, but don't understand that inspiration is something that can be found within oneself and does not come from another source so remember It's you who can pull yourself out t into the light just by making a simple yet genuine effort. Then again, this is the very thing optimistic people do -"see a silver lining in every dark cloud."

12. Help will always be given to those who ‘deserve it ‘

Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who deserve it and not just to those who simply ask for it -is an extremely practical teaching of Dumbledore coinciding with the saying," God helps those who help themselves." Every one experiences a situation where even after your repeated prayers the opportunity goes into someone else's hands, to someone who is more hardworking and willing. Say you pray to God to make you the PM, but you for sure won't become one if you don't put in the excessive effort required to achieve the position. Thus simply demanding for something is not gonna help you until and unless you put in each and every bit of hard work to become capable of deserving it.

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