Are we switching to hockey after the big defeat?

Hockey - India's national sport, the first game that provided international fame to India. It is one of the ancient games played in present time. Till now Indian men's hockey team won 8 gold, 1 silver and two bronze medals in Olympics games making it a successful hockey team.

Whereas if we talk about cricket, one of the most popular games of India. It is played and cherished by all the generations. It is a sport which was brought by Britishers in 1700's in India. In India, Cricket is not just a game it is a religion. Not only this, it has a large number of fans following too.

With a huge fan following, large number of worshipping hands, and faces with expectation, Indian Cricket team crushed the hopes and happiness of their followers. From disappointed faces and tears to angry slogans to burning Indian cricketers' posters to breaking of the T.V. sets, this is how Indian fans showed their anger against the defeat in Champions Trophy 2017 final.

Whereas on the other side, after losing from Pakistan in cricket, Indian fans very swiftly shifted towards the victory of Indian men's hockey team which was played against Pakistan and won by 7 - 1. No doubt, Indian Men's Hockey team played so well that they tried to cover the humiliation they are facing from 21 years after they lost in Asian Games.

People started tweeting, updating and celebrating the victory of Indian men's Hockey team against Pakistan. The amount of importance that a national sport deserves is not given to Hockey. While after losing hopes in India v/s Pakistan Cricket match, these people very smartly switched to praising their national sport - Hockey.

Like Indian Wrestler Babita Phogat tweeted yesterday

Day- by- day hockey is losing its popularity against cricket. And at present people are not trying to appreciate hockey team or its victory rather they are tranquilising themselves for yesterday's match. One must realise that a national sport must not be appreciated after the loss of a popular game.


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