Dispensary in Kishtwar reeling from neglect, authorities turn blind eye to situation

KISHTWAR: Government Dispensary in Kishtwar is reeling from neglect because of lack of doctor, facilities and staff. Furious over non-availability of any doctor at Government Dispensary in Nagbatna, Nagbatna Kishtwar dispensary till date, the residents of nearby areas demand immediate intervention of the authorities to settle firmly on a course of action in this regard.

Dispensaries are set up with an aim to provide better health facilities to the people. There is no doctor at the mentioned dispensary, which is causing problems for the patients. Local residents alleged that the authorities had not paid any attention to the issue. Despite the repeated pleas by the people of the area the authorities did not bother to post the doctor in the dispensary with the result the people suffering from various ailments and are facing many hardships in getting the proper treatment.

Locals have run pillar to post for initiating the doctors placement and have approached all possible concerned beings at the helm of affairs right including Minster of Health and Medical Education, Bali Bhagat, ISM and Health Services but nothing concrete have been done as shared by Raj Kumar a local resident.

Locals demand the posting of the doctor in the area with immediate effect and presage protest if demand is not met.

Citizen Reporter : Himmat Singh, Nagbanta resident

Report Compiled By : Payal Jain

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