Blow the whistle on violence against women

With the rise in brutalisation of women, rapes happening in India have become a daunting challenge for everyone. The surge in rapes speaks volumes of a deeper malady. The crime is undoubtedly proportional to population which means India has definitely more potential criminals compared to other places. Besides, the fact is population is no excuse for putting up with such heinous crimes every now and then. Multiple factors contribute to surge in crime rate e.g. dearth of policemen, slow legal system, poor sex-ratio etc.

The problem lies in the fact that majority of the rape cases go unnoticed because the victims never report for the fear of humiliation by the society and the ambiguity regarding the integrity of legal system. People look down upon victims without even giving a thought to the trauma they might have gone through. In addition to that, majority of the people think that westernised lifestyle have somehow tarnished their traditional values hence women face physical assaults.


Now-a-days, owing to massive coverage of rape cases, women feel more empowered and hence prefer to seek legal help to get justice. The analysis has revealed that rape cases have doubled between 2001 and 2015.

Brutal murder case

One such brutal incident happened with 12-year-old girl Nancy Jha who was brutally raped and murdered by her relatives. Nancy had gone missing on May 25 and her disfigured beyond recognition body was found two days later. After the post-mortem, it was confirmed that she was strangled to death following which two suspects were arrested. Both the accused, Raghvendra Jha and Pankaj Jha were her uncles who had committed this heinous crime. The accused have finally confessed that they had planned the murder of their niece.

Nancy Jha was a 12-year-old girl of Madhubani district of Bihar who was gang raped after which her wrists were slit and acid was thrown on her, the body was tied in a cloth and thrown into the Tilguda River. The girl's body was left in an unrecognisable condition and this horrifying incident left her family completely devastated.

Need for stringent laws

These spine chilling incidents demands that stringent laws should be made to protect women so that the culprits can be put behind the bars as soon as possible. In most of the cases, cops don't budge whenever someone approaches with a rape complaint but their negligence can actually force a person to commit suicide for a crime which she had no control to stop. Considering, the larger national interest, a campaign has been started on to sign a petition namely "Demanding stringent laws to protect Women and bring their violators to instant justice."

This petition will be delivered to Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, Union Cabinet Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi and Member of Parliament Shashi Tharoor after it reaches 1.5 lakh signatures; so far 98,173 people have signed the petition.

So, if you are tired of mourning a daughter every other day, kindly visit the link and sign this petition. Let's for once try to contribute for minimising crime rate in India and bring our country back to the spirit where everyone is supposed to be treated with utmost respect.


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