A kind God, perfect Father

"Who wants to talk of your husband? Who wants even the mention of His name here? The vagabond trickster," Daksha said venomously.

"Father! Take your words back! Shiva is not a trickster, certainly not a vagabond. He won me over with love. He is the commander also, of the love and loyalty of hundreds and thousands of mountain people."

"People? Hahaha! Are they called people, those weird hobgoblins? Crooked in their features just like their so called Lord, the fraud, that He is!"

"You will not call my husband a fraud. He verily is God Himself."
"Ah! I knew it! I knew you would call Him a God!

If He is God..." Daksha came close to Sati and posturing his face right next to Hers, said, "Then why doesn't He behave like one? Why is He such a rule breaker? Why does He do

this tantra thing? Why the ashes and the reptiles across His neck? Why does He always prefer crooked people? Why does He like those with deformities? What kind of God is He?"

"He, is a kind God," said Sati."That's what it is exactly. What kind of God would abandon people just because they are deformed? What kind of God would shun reptiles? Or do they

come from a different God who will not own them? What is the problem if Shanker prefers smearing ash instead of pompous decorations with ornaments of gold?

Ash is all that remains, not gold or any other thing for that matter, including name and fame; and ah, yes! Pride. Pride is the first to go when the end comes," said Sati.


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