India-Pak Champion's Trophy final; a blockbuster for cricket fans

India has got scores of people glued to their television sets whenever there is India-Pakistan match going on. Even the first though of India competing against Pakistan conjures up all the sporting encounters between two countries. Tomorrow's match will be seen by around one-sixth of Earth's population. So far, India has dished out exemplary performance making fourth final appearance at the ICC Champions Trophy after defeating Bangladesh in Edgbaston.

Fierce India-Pakistan encounter

It will be a mouth-watering title clash with Pakistan tomorrow and until now India have won every World Cup match between these two countries. If we have to go by performance, India's batting is much more reliable than Pakistan and thus with masterclass batting and bowling effort, much more is expected from Indian cricketers.

It will be a delight to see best players rising to biggest occasion. Last two decades have been completely revolutionised the cricket with the introduction of multiple formats in the game thus providing ample opportunities to the talented players.

With the introduction of IPL, cricketers have somehow succeeded in liberating themselves from the grip of their countries and are now able to sell their talent hence earning millions. Besides, the whole approach has changed; the game is more elastic now as it is accommodating cricketers from around the world to showcase their talent.

Debate on India-Pak match

There has been extensive debate over banning cricket matches between India and Pakistan. As an Indian, two separate images conjure up in my mind while I give a thought to this topic. Firstly, being a sports lover, I would never want to restrict players of both the countries to stop playing cricket as India-Pakistan match is the most exciting thing one could watch on television. Secondly, being an Indian, it is hard to overlook the acts of terrorism and barbarism. Consistent ceasefire violations and the brooding hatred somehow peter out the excitement.

But if you will ponder for a while, this whole agenda will boil down to one thing, sports is all about sportsmanship so it should be dragged into the "nationalism" debate. Cricket has got nothing to do with diplomatic affairs. On the other hand, India-Pakistan matches actually provide a platform to both the countries for displaying best of their talents.

Promoting talent

Sincerely, we should just focus on the talents competing in the game rather than dwelling upon the nations playing for the title. The Indo-Pak rivalry makes this match exciting and attracts a lot of audience around the world.

Our brave soldiers are guarding on borders round the clock to keep us safe so let's not divulge ourselves into the debate. The surreal demeanour of Pakistani government has affected crick in a big way but let's not scupper any chance to prove that our players have got the potential. All sports lovers deserve to watch India-Pakistan's fierce encounter and likewise many more in future.

Sit back and don't forget to enjoy tomorrow's match.


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