MLC calls for momo ban; Jammu youth exasperated over forced food choices

After leaving a great mark on the developed countries, fast food is all set to make a great impact on developing countries like India. People, especially the youth is more inclined towards junk food owing to its great taste and colours but they completely ignore the nutritious ingredients such as lean meats, whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables which constitutes a healthy diet.


In northern India, momos have slowly gained publicity and has become the new go-to streetfood. In most of the cases, either you would spot kids eating hot steamy plate of momos with uber spicy red-chilli sauce or one you would fine other who must be dreaming to have it right after school or tuition.

Seeking momo ban

In last few years, momos have gained amazingly high popularity in Jammu region. Most of us would even defend that momos are healthy considering the fact that we are eating something steamed but recently BJP MLC in Jammu and Kashmir Ramesh Arora raked up this issue propounding that momos have negative impact on our food culture. He said that the charm of momos might have blinded the youth but we can't deny the fact that it poses dangerous health implications.

Killer momo comments

In one of his statements, he said that these Chinese foods contain Ajinomoto, which is basically a tastemaker and is responsible for causing addiction. He added that said consumption of Chinese foods items aggravate mild headaches which later on turn to migraines, results in intestinal colitis in which the lining of the large intestine and the rectum gets inflamed and hence creates trouble for the kids.

Jammu and Kashmir BJP legislator Ramesh Arora alongwith his supporters organised a seminar which was attended by officials from the Food and Drug Control Department, doctors, district administration officials, academicians, businessmen, etc to aware people of the dangerous effects of consuming momos on daily basis.

He even went to saying that even after the replacement of addictive tastemaker, consuming maida on daily basis is not good for health. He also raised concerns about hygiene and said that consuming refined flour after being steamed is difficult to digest.

As per his views, momos and other Chinese foods are a threat to our traditional food culture which took years to develop and these new go-to street foods are destroying it overnight.

Effect on sales

Since Ramesh Arora has sought ban on momos, the statistics tell that sales have gone down by 30 percent, waging a war against delicious dumplings have definitely helped him gain some popularity but the youth on social media has reacted strongly against his statements.

Forced food choices

People were exasperated that someone's dislike for a particular food item cannot force them to change their food choices completely. Arora's concern about the health of the kids is agreeable but the boycott is definitely not the only option left.

Demanding ban on food items won't solve these problems, stringent policies need to be framed so that parents don't have to worry about street foods spoiling their kids' lives. The momo mania in Jammu city has definitely gone down for a while because of the war that has been waged against momos.


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