Agama Nigama ( Question and Answers)

One morning, Sati awoke to see Shiva awake already. "A cup of tea for you?" He smiled.
"Yes, please," She said. "I should be doing this. From tomorrow, I will."

"How does it matter, as long as we are together, being able to share a warm cup of tea," said Shiva gently, "How does it matter, who gets up first and makes it?"

"No, but I would like to," said Sati. "Just that I had the most awesome dream last night, probably that's why I didn't want to wake out of it!" She laughed.

"The mystic would think of it as the height of labelling that dreams are what you see in sleep, and when your eyes are open, that's waking," replied Shiva enigmatically.

"I see," said Sati, indulging the conversation further. "So then, what is waking, in terms of the mystic?"

"Ah, yes," smiled Shiva. "He alludes to opening the third eye to see dimension four."
"Dimension four? A fourth dimension? Wow! Tell me more!" said Sati.

"Oh well, we are all made of the same one stuff, and we just take on different vibrations which in turn, make us more dense or then more subtle. And so the ‘differences' arise. But these are only at the surface; deep within it's the same stuff, the same tattva in each."

The lessons with Shiva were endless. They had to be. His talk was profound, but so was His silence.

"You seem to be talking to me even when you are silent. Is it true or am I just too much in love with you?"She asked.

"Silence is a language only a few understand," said Shiva. "Those special moments when silence speaks, when stillness gives wings," He whispered.

Even His smile was profound. Everything about Him was the embodiment of wisdom.
( SHIVA, The Ultimate Time Traveller.)

Shiva art from the net. If anyone knows who the artist is,please inform us so that we may give due credit.


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