Want to create your own dream vanity table? Here are some tips

Create your own dream vanity kit and table with handy products like a small magnifying mirror, suggest experts.

Neha Chopra, an interior designer from UrbanClap, and Nelofar Currimbhoy, President of Shahnaz group of companies, share some tips:

* Space: If space is a constraint, rule out tri-fold mirrors and full wall vanities. Consider vanities with folding storage or vanities with full-length mirror cabinets. The latter has the added advantage of being easy to move around the house as needed.

* Lighting: Since makeup is all about playing with how the light falls on your face, bright lighting is necessary to make the best use of your vanity. For this reason, most people tend to have separate lights just for their vanity.

The popular options include mirrors with bulbs and on table lamps. An economical option for lighting the vanity would be to surround it with fairy lights of the right voltage.

* Material: Choose the material of your vanity on the basis of where you plan to place it. A wooden vanity would look gorgeous but it would limit the vanity's life to place it in the bathroom or near the window. Also, pure wood vanities might prove to be a little hard on the pocket.

* Magnify and light up: A small magnifying mirror with a daylight bulb is a valuable addition to your dresser. If you use the artificial light you would be surprised how different the shades can look in stark sunlight. The magnified glass is excellent to spot stray growth of hair or the slightest smudge of your lipstick.

* Freezing fresh: A miniature ice bucket is a great idea. Keep wads of cotton ready to dip into cubes of ice with a few drops of pure rose water.

* Make your own colour pallet: Take a shallow container with a cover. When you finish your lipsticks, scoop out the last bit and put it on your colour pallet. Keep each colour a little away from each other.

* Makeup and Magic: Loose powder, compacts in two shades for contouring; my preference is for the newly developed moist compact since its so much more natural. A concealer too can hide the sudden burst of spots for highlighters are perfect for creating a perfect base; a perfect canvas for makeup.

* Luscious Lips: Lip colours from pastels for the day and deep browns and burgundy for the night, orange for the adventurous day, lip gloss and glitter need to be part of the lips section on your vanity.

* Eyeing it: Eye make-up is the most vital part of a collection. Acquire a very good natural kajal, an eye definition pencil, and eyeliner in several shades. Electric blue and emerald shades look amazing.

* Hair waves: Keep a set of brushes, electric curlers, and hair irons. It will give the option to go poker straight, curly or crimp and wear a frizzy look.

* Dry shampoo: Try using this new invention. Spray it on all over the hair, finger brushes it through. It gets rid of all the excess oil that weighs down your hair.

* Important accessories: A perfect vanity table should have a high-quality tweezer, brow trimming scissor, make-up sponges, make-up brushes, nail files remover and nail colours. Anti-rash cream, mild antiseptic lotion for facial skin suitable for any nicks and paper towels and cotton balls also are must-haves.


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