Is it a fair game? Making Sindoor tax-free and levying heavy taxes from Sanitary napkins

Basic necessity or Beauty hypes, what should be tax free?

The instant question arises to core the voice, is beauty and make over more important than the basic necessity of womanhood.

Using sanitary napkins for personal hygiene and the core need of womankind has been executed to payable tax.

Bangles, sindoor and bindis are now tax-free while 12 per cent taxes are still being levied on sanitary pads.

What is happening wrong with the government?

Sindoor or sanitary napkin, what would you buy if you had money enough for only one of those two? Almost all women would raise their hands for a sanitary napkin for obvious reasons. However, the government clearly thinks otherwise.

An article from Buzzfeed reports that, around 88 per cent of menstruating women have no access to sanitary pads in rural areas.

As soon as it came to the fore, twitter gone up with stupendous reactions on the same.

For the womanhood, her safety and hygiene is sure to be her right and priority from every aspect, whereas, the beauty is the secondary thought after her health and hygiene.

Getting bangles and bindis tax-exempted, makes no sense, when the women are unhygienically handling their menstrual days.

Sarcastically, this is what happens when men takes up the power to make decision and what you get is 12% tax on sanitary wear, while sindoor and bindi left tax exempted.

A humble plea to the government, as we want all our poor sisters around to be physically healthy, hygienic and stay free, for its not the time to sit back and find basic necessity unaffordable.

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