Ban Triple Talaq to empower destitute Muslim women

Triple talaq is a method of giving divorce under sharia law (law-making body for Islam). This methodology is adopted by Muslim men to dissolve marriage by simply announcing to his wife that he repudiates her. Triple talaq is a thorny issue and matter of grave concern for women who always stay in mental insecurity that their marital alliance can end just by the utterance of the word "talaq" thrice. This threat of out of court divorce looms over Muslim women since ages and several women activists are trying to ban triple talaq with the intent to bring gender equality in the society.

A survey conducted by Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan showed that around 95 per cent of divorced Muslim women receive no maintenance from their husbands. Since, major chunk of those women are not breadwinners so instant divorce changes their life drastically. Surprisingly, the so-called triple talaq has been banned in more than 20 Muslim countries, including neighbouring countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh but in India, the practice is still prevalent owing to the country's rules protecting Muslim, Christian and Hindu communities following religious law.

Most people believe that they must have the right to live their personal lives based on religious teachings hence they oppose uniform civil code because if applied, it will take away religious freedom.

How triple talaq is affecting Muslim women?

  • The instant divorce targets the dignity of Muslim women as in one of the recent cases registered in Kerala tells a horrible tale in which an NRI man from Kerala sent his wife a triple talaq message on WhatsApp from Dubai hardly after 10 days of the wedding when she was not even aware of his job.
  • After judicial intervention in many cases, Allahabad High Court has termed 'triple talaq' as unconstitutional and the Supreme Court has begun hearing cases to decide upon the constitutional validity of the so called triple talaq and other polygamy issues among Muslims.
  • It is appreciable that Chief Justice of India Justice JS Khehar is ready to give up his summer break just to sort out the issue of triple talaq.
  • Usually, when a man marries, he is bound to take the responsibility of the woman and the children and later not at any given point, he can raise his hands and quit. That would be nothing but the cowardly act.
  • Unlike what majority of the Muslims believe, the community is not targeted rather some amendments are vital to be done in order make things easier for Muslim women.
  • All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has over and again criticized the women's rights activists determined to oppose the ban and refrain from paving way to Uniform Civil Code.
  • Sadly, even the minor burst of anger by husband can leave a woman helpless and can destroy her life completely causing emotional issues along with social and financial.

Need of the hour

This horribly unfair practice of triple talaq is plain injustice with Muslim women and the Islamic laws provide enough space to Muslim men to dominate and oppress women. The instant divorce negates both dignity and equality of Muslim women but some practices needs to be uplifted so that justice can be done. This act to dehumanise women must be stopped at the earliest and Muslim men must support the authorities to crystallise a well-informed view on triple talaq issue. Hence, this entrenched patriarchal law which leaves women destitute must either be banned or amended as per their requirements.


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