Keep the word 'Manage' away this World Press Freedom Day

On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, I first congratulate all the people who are in this fraternity, big or small, new or old. I am writing this as a message to all of you, some of you may agree and some won't but still that's my opinion and it will stand. I after getting involved in this field for more than 5 years now I have realized that we all have a very big role in order to shape the society and country in total. We all know that press is the fourth pillar of the Indian democracy.

This important position given to us in the Indian democratic system somewhere also has put in some responsibilities to us. However I find that there are few nowadays who are looking after these duties. After Indian Independence our fraternity has gone so big that even a new phrase has been coined for us i.e. PR agencies. I feel ashamed when people even call some of the media houses as new PR agencies. It is an undeniable fact, as there people socially available who manage media for anyone who can pay.

This word "manage" itself is very derogatory for us because it means we are manageable i.e. we can be used, utilized and changed as per the requirement. I don't know how many of you agree to this but let me remind you that press is now on industry and industries are always regulated by some profit making issues. Many big industrialists of the country are now owning and managing various media houses. It is not bad upto one level but when we are being declared as ‘manageable' this is where we start eroding our identity and run away from our responsibilities. We all have a different opinion to different matter and I agree that we should have.

What is to be seen is that our opinion is never managed and not at any cost. I end as I just wanted to remind that take steps to shun this word ‘manage' from our fraternity and we will prosper more and forever.

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