Raging against women crime: Beep the alarm before it gets num forever

Get up and stand for the most scandalous scenarios, draping womanhood

The reactions to such adverse scenarios are intentionally same for everyone, but all that matters is who stands up for the alarming knob to get final infusion for life.

If we start with some numbers: As per the latest data from National Crime Records Bureau, the crime rate against women rose from 41.7% to 53.9%, between 2011 and 2015.

Up to 3,27,394 cases were reported in 2015 alone, including 34,651 cases of rape, around 59,277 kidnapping and abductions, 7,634 dowry deaths, 1,13,403 cases of domestic cruelty, among others.

Unfortunately, majority of crimes against women remains unregistered in 2017 as well.

Based on the numerical number, you can imagine the real picture of crime form.

The news and daily reports following rape or sexual assault usually begins or ends with the day, through graphs, charts, illustrations, and even the occasional meme.

And yet our collective measure of outrage can only be measured for a while till it hit the roads.

What after that?

What about the victimized?

Who will stand up for support and change?

Hardly anyone of us!

Get up and stand for the most scandalous scenarios, draping womanhood.

1. Know you rights and take a stand:

Don't hesitate in filing a report, fearing social prestige or family dishonor, since the issues rage the alarm of taking a stand for yourself at the moment.

The Zero FIR ruling by the Supreme Court states that a rape victim can register her complaint from any police station. One can also file this report online or through registered post. Taking a stand and being a brave heart is productively going to resolve the disgrace of life.

2. Stop blaming victims:

Victims are not to be blamed rather, the culprit should be instead. Blaming the woman for her clothes, her lifestyle, or simply the place she happened to be at the time of the crime is truly unacceptable. It should go without saying that we must end this toxic and dangerous practice of victim blaming to make it safer, secured or respectful society for women.

3. Sit and talk with your family:

Over 90% of rapes reported in India are committed by people who are familiar to the victim, including relatives, neighbors or some known. Having to talk with your family and in relation if they guide you to right directions be it girl or boys, its core duty of parents to nurture with equal time and value.

4. Demand for solutions:

From taking out candle marches, protesting in schools, colleges, raising voice over the roads to the higher level authorities. All actions have proved to be in deaf ears for way too long ago reflecting that authorities have neither learnt to take these crimes ever seriously nor handle them sensitively.

Get up and demand for safer public transport, well-lit community spaces, faster processing of cases, and sensitive handling of victims by concerned authorities and centers.

5. Shame on you if you forward rape jokes:

Stop forwarding or sharing that intense sensitive content among each other. Shame if you do so!

It's hard for any one of us to tackle these severe critical issues alone, and you make it worse by notwithstanding, instead sharing for illogical reasons.

Say it on the face: Rape jokes are not funny, dowry is totally intolerable, domestic violence not to be taken anymore.

It's you who will stand for your own for your women around for the society to uplift the womanhood for support and the act of righteousness.


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