Tribals of MP all set to form 'Gofan battalion' to fight with Kashmiri stone-pelters

A tribal group from Madhya Pradesh have written an open letter to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for taking a stand against stone pelting crowd in the Kashmir Valley with the help of their traditional weapon i.e., gofan (slingshot).

The youth in Bhil area are agitated over the stone-pelting videos of Srinagar getting viral on the internet so they have come up with a new plan to help "tortured" security forces and save them from stone-pelters.

One of the members of the tribal group using Gofan said that they are ready to give a befitting reply to the stone-pelters. The Gofan battalion is all set to deal with the turbulence caused in the valley.

About the traditional weapon

The Gofan or slingshot is basically a piece of rope where the loose ends are held in one hand and at the centre a square or rectangular piece of cloth, rubber or skin is attached on which a stone is put.

The user then rotates the rope and when it has gained sufficient amount of velocity, one end of the rope is released and the missile hurtles through the air at great velocity. The weapon is usually used for hunting and defence purposes.

Some of the skilful people are even able to target at 50 metres with accuracy and the stone missile travels at twice the velocity and covers a greater distance when compared to a normal stone thrown at someone.

One of the members of the group said that their blood boils when they see that the brave soldiers are being beaten up in the valley. Such upsetting videos are heart-rending for the tribals. They further said that after watching several videos on social networking sites and on television, they thought of talking this through and bringing a solution hence they came up with handy solutions.

Status quo

Bhil youth is all set to deal with Kashmiri stone-pelters, they are honing their skills with the gofan at Hatipao hills, situated on the outskirts of Jhabua town and expect the government to start a gofan battalion and send them to Kashmir. Tribal-dominated Jhabua is considered as one of the poorest districts of Madhya Pradesh and according to the 2011 census, its literacy rate is the second-lowest in the country. Most of them are marginal farmers and labourers.

Bhils claim that they have fought valiantly against the British under the legendary tribal leader Tantiya Bhil so now it is high time that Narenda Modi allow them to serve their country once again.


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