Sonam Lotus | Man from Kashmir known for accurate weather predictions

The Accu Weather is replaced by Peer Lotus in the valley

One person who is known as the weatherman of the state is famous for the kind of work he is putting in to make travel plans and giving advice on travelling.

Sonam Lotus is a sought-after man in the valley because of his accurate predictions about weather. On a daily basis, he receives hundreds of calls to get weather report.

Sonam Lotus is the director of the meteorological department and owing to his précised weather predictions in the valley, he is also known as the "Saint Lotus" or "Peer Lotus".

People ask different questions to him like one of the callers said," Sir, should I book my tickets? Are there any chances of flight to take off?"

Every now and then, he can be seen advising people not to book tickets on particular days. When asked upon advising over perfect timing to host dinners or parties, Lotus goes extra mile to help the public. He never really disappoints people.

Recently, the state director of information Shahid Choudhary tweeted, "Sonam Lotus, celebrated weatherman of Kashmir has been instrumental in helping save many lives. Common man's hero."


When he was asked about how he feels when he receives so much love and respect that from the people, he said, "People call me because they have faith in me. I just have to speak a few words on the phone. And those words might save them from much trouble."

He further said that he credits his achievements to the advanced technology available with the meteorology department and the team that works for him.

He also said that weather apps on the phones might help people to have a faint idea of the climate but when it comes to predicting whether one should book a flight or anything regarding highway, Met department always come to the rescue.

He said, "If people want to know about what will happen exactly after an hour, I can easily tell them using the advance technology. The machines give us graphical information, upon which our team works for analysing the data."

Sonam Lotus hails from Ladakh and holds a master's degree in physics from Jammu University. He stays in the office for a long time to make sure he does his job perfectly. If weather conditions are unfavourable, he even forgoes weekly offs.

He also believes that every lost live due to the weather is his failure. People love Sonam Lotus for his dedication and he is often called as the best "Weather app" in multiple posts on social media.


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