Stop concealing your lechery under women dresses

Jammu girl asks for an anti molestation fabric

I turned around, black it is; I closed my eyes, black it was. I read the news, tried to absorb, tried to ignore but it hovered above my head, it grasped me in its swampy arms. Social media is bleeding with all sorts of women harassments, violence, eve teasing, molestations, and groping stories and then as usual the proper codes of conduct for females are spoken off cladding ignorance of those beings. Many girls lunged forward and shared their disastrous stories about one or the other form of molestation. 

See neither salwar- kameez nor Burqa can stop it. Please let us know about the anti- molestation fabric that will save us those lecherous looks. I tried using dupatta to my rescue but what I thought to be my shield was conceived as a mark of weakness.
Guide me. Tell me what I need to do on my behalf.

Do I need to cover myself from head to toe?
Do I need to stay within the four walls of the house?
Do I need to talk in whispers?
Do I need to walk with my head hung with the chin touching my neck?
Well I've tried everything and sorry to say nothing worked.

Then where is the problem?

We dream to fly but the breath of area on our backs where wings were supposed to germinate is deeply scathed and scarred by the rods society has thrusted upon us. Why females are subjected to rules and regulations? Why don't we get to live a life of our own? First a brother will protect you and then the controls will be given in the hands of your husband. From mauj (fun) to sewa, tees to sarees, riding a full speed scooty to sitting behind someone on a bike, being a spendthrift to bargaining whilst purchasing vegetables, eating three meals to preparing three meals, fighting sisters to respecting sisters in law, a woman lives many lives. Why can't you just let us be?

Yes, we love being appreciated but we don't have any intention to provoke.
We want a sense of freedom. Stop demarcating the crowd and reducing the whole issue to a trivial male versus female war. I am sorry it's not. Stop justifying acts with not all men.
Imagine walking on a road with a person following you, imagine walking past a group and being subject of their lewd comments, imagine looking at a person whose gaze is fixed at your bosoms, imagine standing in a matador and an unknown hand spanking your ass, imagine standing in a crowded place and a jerk trying to eliminate all the space between you and him just to get his protruding private organ touched against you, imagine forcefully being dragged to satisfy someone's lust, imagine the suffering, imagine the pain.

You say, "stop being a pussy", " stop behaving like a girl", well dear you are nowhere near being a pussy for it is bestowed with the power to create and nurture and is I believe the most powerful thing on this planet. Dark secrets lurk in the mind and heart of every female. Stop attending rallies or candle marches and start being the change. Stop imitating the music videos and story line of movies. Stop labeling us, stop objectifying us, stop controlling us, and stop imposing your beliefs on us. Stop concealing your lechery under our dresses, stop cloaking your unjust actions with our modernity. Let us be free in our true selves. Let us be us. Is it too much to ask for?

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