Ashamed to be called human, Akshay Kumar on Bengaluru mass molestation

MUMBAI: Sharing a nation's anger, Akshay Kumar is extremely upset by the incident of mass molestation that happened in Bengaluru on the New Year's Eve, where many women were groped and molested despite a sizable police presence. The actor posted a video on Twitter and expressed how depressed and disgusted he felt after he got to know about this incident.

The actor said that he feels ashamed to be called a human and captioned the video with a message that read, "The Bangalore incident makes me feel we are evolving backward, from humans to animals, rather beasts coz even animals are better!Truly shameful"

In the video, the actor said, "Should I say something, I feel extremely ashamed of being a human. After a good vacation in Cape Town with my family, the moment I was walking out of the airport, I saw a news on the television. I saw the horrendous crime that happened in Bengaluru on New Year eve. I don't know about you guys but I felt extremely angry. I am father to a daughter and even if I wasn't then too I would have said the same thing that the nation which cannot respect its daughters, it doesn't deserve to be called a human society.

"Taking a dig at some politicians, including Abu Azmi, the actor said it is shameful to witness that some have the guts to justify such a horrendous act. "And what's even more shameful is the fact that some people have the guts to justify a woman's molestation. Why did she wear short clothes, why did she go out? Oh please, have some shame. There is nothing called ‘short clothes' it is your thought which is too small. I just hope nothing of this sort happens to any female member of your family. The people who are doing such things are not from some alien planet. They belong to our country and are from good families and exist as you and me."By the end of the video, Akshay sent a message for the girls in the country. "Mind you, once the girls of this nation will start to speak against all this, you will not be spared. And girls, I have a message for you too. Please do not feel that you are any lesser than the men around you. There are ways and tactics through which you can teach these guys a good lesson. No man in this world will have balls to touch you. Don't be scared. Just be alert and learn some martial arts. And the next time someone tells you about your clothing, tell them to mind their own business. Jai Hind."


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