New year celebration ideas for those who plan to stay back home

2016 is breathing its last breaths preparing to be reincarnated into 2017 and this calls out for a party. New year; that prefixed ‘new' adds too much of flavor to it- new resolutions, new dreams, new clothes, new everything, new relationships, new commitments, new beginnings etc. Consumed in the new year extravaganza, people start planning their celebrations weeks prior. This is that time of the year where most of the pinned Goa plans finally face their fate- some get executed while some get cancelled. Celebrations reach their peak on the last day of the preceding year and the first day of the succeeding one.
But more than those blaring speakers, that noise all around, you know what's more grilling? People boasting how they are going to or have spent their new year. For everyone who plans to stay back home and have no plans for their new year, well I've got a plan.

COOK YOURSELF A MEAL- Admit it. We are always in a hurry. Running to college/school/office our breakfast is the most underrated part of the day. The toast stucks up the epiglottis, the hot tea is used to soften it up so it follows its trajectory down the esophagus. Well let's give some respect to our breakfast. Cook yourself a healthy meal or try a new recipe from you tube. Sit back, listen to some music and savor it.

PLANT A SAPLING- Let's add value to our celebrations. Spend time in your garden. Walk on the grass. Water the plants yourself. Segregate the yellow leaves and sit in the garden while introspecting the previous year. Buy a sapling/ saplings and plant them and trust me after one year when you see the plant grow, you'd feel like you have planted a life. Spend some time with nature.

MOVIE MARATHON- Movies form an integral part of one's life. Download a good movie, save it for the night and sit back and enjoy it. You can call similar souls, I mean your friends who also had their New Year plans cancelled or who would like to stay back. Don't forget a tub of popcorns/chips. Coffee can be a good add on. Kawah would be a healthier option.

PAMPER YOURSELF- When was the last time you paid heed to your hands and feet? Aren't they as essential as your face? Go for manicure and pedicure. Let go of that dead skin and pamper yourself. Apply a face pack and don't forget to place a slice of cucumber each on your eyes for a professional feel. Give a deep champi (massage) to your scalp and let the oil seep in. you never know what 2017 is bringing, youneed pre preparations.

REFRESH OLD CONTACTS- We may have all of our school friends and college friends queued up in our facebook friend's list but seldom do we talk to them (except liking their pics). Make a list of all those people who are/ were important to you. Wish them good wishes, talk about the good old times, retrospect and share a laugh. Life is too short to hold grudges. Ask and give forgiveness. Don't carry any unnecessary burden into your new year.

Clean up your room. Decorate it with lights, put up a dream board and start your new year on a positive note. Whatever has happened, has happened; what will be, will be, so why not just relax and spare some time for ourselves away from the maddening crowd. Love yourself.

A very happy new year to all of you!!!


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