5 last minute Christmas gift ideas

As the year approaches its end, the bullet of celebrations is fired into the air. The bells have started jingling, the Christmas tree is all wrapped up in glitter and shimmer, gifts are all wrapped up as Christmas knocks the door. A beautiful memory stringed to my childhood is the Santa Claus. Santa Claus in all shapes and sizes, adjusting their white beard can be spotted outside shops, churches, restaurants etc. That one candy from santa was an accomplishment in itself.

You better watch out, you better not cry,
Better not pout I'm telling you why?
For Santa Claus is coming to town.

But owing to the busy schedules we often forget the pre preparation of festivals that is the one thing they demand. But no worries, here is a list of things you can buy last minute and still manage to become the best of all santas:

GIFT A PLANT- The entire house is bejewelled with furniture and a dot of green aggrandizes the overall beauty. Gift them a plant this festive season. When the plant will bloom, it will remind them of you and it will also save you some bucks hence retaining the festive happiness at both ends.

GIFT A BOOK/A DIARY- Books and dogs are man's best friends. Almost everyone has a latent reader or writer in them, all you need to do is trigger that nerve this Christmas. Maybe you inspire the next Shakespeare or maybe you show an all dark person some light. Gift them best sellers or a diary and a pen where they'll ink their emotions. Slip in a secret message from Santa inside the book or diary.

GIFT THEM WINTER ESSENTIALS- Winters are definitely dry. You line your arms and you'll see a visible trace of it. Prepare a gift hamper and stuff it up with moisturizers, coco butter cremes etc. Let them take care of themselves, pamper themselves and thank the Santa fir being the best ever santa.

GIFT SOME WARMTH- Winters have already consumed the entire surroundings. Trees have given up on their leaves, air carries chill, the sun is cold. The best gift you can give is some warmth. Gift woollen, sweaters, cardigans, warm socks, mufflers etc. Also don't forget to pair it up with a pack of coffee beans.

GIFT THEM SELF BAKED CAKE- There is another category of humans who although need no reason to relish still festivals acts as an add on for them. I am talking about the religious foodies who worship food. Bake them a cake or pudding or cookies, place them in a jar or box and tie a red ribbon around. Trust me festivals won't get any better than this for them. Their smile will be worth your effort.

So, this festive season be the best Santa ever and surprise your near and dear ones with your efforts. Let's not sit back and wait for the Santa instead be the Santa. Santa Claus is coming to town.


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