5 health benefits of Kawah, the winter fighting drink of Jammu Kashmir

Winter is here and the cold winds are blowing. The temperature is inversely proportional to the quantity of clothes as the temperature is stooping a new low; the shelves of almirah are piling up woolens at a considerable rate. It fells like we are trapped in a giant refrigerator. People are trying to find refuge with bonfires; extra layering of warm clothes, shutting the windows and doors tight but the cold still sneaks in and finds a way to send chills down our spine. And then a cup of kawah comes out of the Pandora box as a savior. It is not any other beverage but a holy grail from the lands of Jammu and Kashmir.

Kawah is a warm, wine colored beverage that comes as a guardian angel in the cold wintry days. Every sip ensures a healthy thermogenic relief to the senses and while holding the hot cup of kawah, the hands also warm up. It is prepared by boiling tea leaves and then adding sugar, cinnamon and cardamom for flavor. Dry fruits usually almonds and/or saffron is added to aggrandize its health benefits

Those are the bewitching minutes of the entire day. The magic starts the moment the pot is set. When the kawah is prepared, the air is infused with a delightful aroma that fills in the senses and is an ultimate charger. You take in the aroma and the moment you take in the first sip, you feel the magic molecules of kawah travel down your esophagus providing solace from the dry winters. Still if it fails to convince you, then below are the five key benefits of adding kawah to your daily routine.


Are you struggling with the extra flabs and folds of skin or battling to get rid of extra carbs? Well just add kawah to your fitness regime. Kawah is believed to wash off fats from the body and a cup of kawah after workout can do wonders and gift an instant lift from fatigue. This perfect amalgamation of anti oxidants keeps the skin youthful and it activates the happy enzymes like dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, endorphin etc and elevates the mood.


Increase of restlessness, insomnia, cholesterol is the result of high addiction to coffee and milk tea that increases the acidic and caffine levels in the body. On a parallel line, the anti oxidants present in a cup of kawah detox the body. It also elevates the mood by releasing certain enzymes of the body and a warm cup of kawah also relieves the body from stress and is known to constrict the anxiety disorders.


During winters the digestive system bears a heavy crunch. Constipation and stomach aches are common ailments people suffer. Well we have a solution, prepare yourself a cup of kawah and drink it regularly. It cleanses the digestive system and also boosts the metabolism.


The crushed dry fruit present in kawah provide a natural radiance to the skin. The rich anti oxidants present in kawah is a natural treatment for adamant acne and the ingredients of kawah are also known to uproot dryness from the skin and provide it with natural moistures and the healthy digestive system also shows in the shine of the skin.


Feeling like a sloth soul? Have to work late night or have to wake up early morning? Ditch coffee, go for kawah. Not only will it boost your immunity but along with several others benefits it will cheer you up and you will work more efficiently and productively. It is also acts as a remedial cure for chest congestion, influenza, common cold, flu, headaches etc.

Go and grab a cup of kawah. Shoo away the winters with the warmth of kawah.




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