Enlightenment with Uttarayan

As per the hindu panchang, an year is divided into two ayans. Sun changes its position twice an year and these two changes of sun are known as uttarayan and dakshinayan.

Dakshinayan is the period when sun travels from north to south. Due to the southward direction of the sun it is known as dakshin (south) and ayan (movement). We generally see rains, autumn and winters during this period.

Uttarayan is the period when sun travels from south to north direction and due to the northward movement of sun it is known as Uttar (north) ayan (movement). During this ayan we experience winter, spring and summer season.

We are almost on the onset of Uttarayan./ (We have now entered into the Uttaryan.) This movement of sun begin to occur a day after the winter solstice on 22nd December in the northern hemisphere (Dates may vary). It is also marked as the shortest day of the year. From this day sun will slowly start shifting towards north every day.

Uttarayan is traditionally considered as an auspicious time of the year. People who are spiritually aware identify this transition as a prospect for human awareness to flourish. The human system is more receptive to grace at this time. During the southern run of the sun it is believed that what is below anahata (heart chakra) can be purified easily and during the northern run what is above the anahata can be worked on easily.

This is the period to open up our minds for knowledge, grace and enlightenment. It is time for attainment of ultimate self.

It is time to release all the darkness and the welcome the bright light. From now onwards we have longer and brighter days to look forward to.

Our body is the part of this universe and everything that happens in this universe ultimately affects us. Biological rhythms are an expression of the rhythms of the earth in relationship to the entire cosmos. These rhythms affect us biologically, mentally,  emotionally and spiritually.

In order to bring more purposeful changes in ourselves we need to become more conscious of the external movements and align them with the movement of our internal human system.

A better understanding of uttarayan and Dakshinayan can help this human body get in tune with this whole cosmos.

Article written by Shelly Reen

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