Sehra, traditional Dogra veil

Wedding, an important part of our culture and life is of great relevance in the lives of Dogras. Unique bridal trousseau and different accessories for the bridegroom adds up celebratory vibe to the whole fête. One of the most important traditional accessories worn by men is headdress which comprises of head adornment which has garlands hanging from the hem to cover groom's face. The veil used by the groom is usually tied to the turban (Pagdi). Sehra adds up an element of mystery to the whole celebration.

As per traditional legends , it is said that the Sehra tradition was started in North India to protect groom from the evil eyes and this culture is still prevalent in the society. Traditionally in Dogras, the cloth to which Sehra is attached is given to the groom by the bride's family. Usually, a pink cloth with "OM" written on it with the golden thread is gifted to the groom. The flowery beads add up a unique touch to the whole veil.

In modern weddings, grooms match the colour of their Sehras with their wedding outfits to give it a well-coordinated look. With the passage of time, fashion has changed so now-a-days unique embellishments include feathers, pearls, beads and synthetic flowers are in vogue which gives a peculiar look to the Sehra so grooms prefer that instead of traditional Sehras.

Sehra makes one look regal and it exudes nothing but royalty. The modern Sehras are attached to the turban with a gem-encrusted brooch which just puts everything together for the wedding rituals to be followed.


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