I cry bitterly over the fate of martyrs' families

A gentleman with a sound mind and body, brimming with enthusiasm, dreams to join Indian Army with a vision to establish himself as a decorated officer and serve the nation. Not only does he keep his body in the pink but also polishes the skill to set out his beliefs without a speck of doubt.

Among scores, only a few succeed to live their dream. Recent intrusions have claimed many such precious lives; still their families demonstrate courage that could raze enemies to the ground. Such grandiose acceptance of sacrifice demands hearts of steel, invincible courage and beyond measure control. Either they are blessed with it or probably they manage to conceal fears better than us. Warriors after all!

Meanwhile, the top brass attend the wreath laying ceremonies, shed crocodile tears and move back to their places. And then I wonder if these people even have a conscience to retort? Hell yeah, they do. Aren't we aware of the compensation given to the martyrs' families? That's the ultimate proof. A piece of paper decides their fate. Bunch of clowns unworthy of power extend condolences to seek validation.

No they aren't done yet, and then these sloths brace themselves for the next event in their schedule carrying their deceased spirits everywhere. I cry bitterly over the fate of the soldiers' widows, children, parents, friends and family. No amount of money could ever bring back the parted soul yet nothing worthwhile has been thought of till date.

A matter of shame and embarrassment for all slacktivists (count me in). As all I could think of is a child who will have to survive in this nasty world without a father, a woman who will have to face offensive crowd without a man to lean on for support, parents who will have to manage affairs without their old age support.

Woefully, life will move on and tweet-storm generation will get occupied with "ifs and buts". Grate technology ( pun intended) !

~ Exasperated Me!

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