Appeal to the government to restore water supply in Janipur area

Residents of Bhawani Nagar, W.No. 36, Janipur are facing acute shortage of water for a week.

The have said that they have been suffering badly owing to the shortage of water supply in their area. They also alleged that the surrounding areas receive water on alternate day basis but in their particular ward, the water supply is given for a very brief period.

One of the residents said, "We have not taken bath for last many days and are bound to wear dirty clothes, as there is no water in our houses not even to wash a handkerchief."

People have already requested Chief Engineer, PHE to look into this matter personally and take immediate steps to restore water supply as the situation is becoming worse for the residents.

(Representational Image)

Citizen Reporter: Suman Salathia

Report compiled by: Hardeep Bali

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