11 Hilarious things we overheard while standing in an ATM queue

In order to combat any tragedy in life, one must first learn to laugh at it. The current tragedy in our lives being long, serpentine ATM queues, all we can do is read worthless WhatsApp jokes, overhear conversations and yawn while slowly moving along the queue. However, you can also spend time overhearing conversations guaranteed to make you smile - particularly when someone says something funny enough to entertain the entire queue. So, while we were waiting for our turn to get the newly minted pink notes, we overheard some really funny stuff that made standing in queues less of a burden and more entertaining than anything.

1. "Yaar Candy Crush download karna chahiye tha."

Each cleared level = One step ahead towards ATM.

2. "Chal, isko stalk karte hain"

When two guys had nothing to do, they got their phones out and started stalking.

3. "Uncle please line rakho, khaana khakar aata hoon."

Yes, but the queue hadn't moved an inch by the time they got back!

4. "Modi is a rockstar."


5. After two hours of waiting, "I hate Modi."


6. "Let's call for a pizza."

Said a group of friends who stood in line for 'timepass'.

7. "I should've taken a chutti for standing in line."

People did take a chutti for standing in ATM queues.

8. "Banks should set up a mandap and offer us free food."

Thought no bank ever.

9. "We should get three different cards and withdraw"

Loud came an "isko line se nikalo" reply

10. "Can we pay the guard to get ahead?"

And, then the guard showed his laathi.

11. "Aur karo vote...!"

Oh well...



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