Ram Talai temple

Although, it is true that the ‘City of Temples' epithet is quite appropriate for the Jammu city yet with the scores of temples, it becomes extremely difficult for people to remember the story of each and every temple.

Our city has got temples which are hundreds of years old, out of which some attained popularity while others are still struggling to narrate their story to the world. Multiple temples situated in the lanes and by lanes equally contribute to the history.


One such noteworthy temple is Ram Talai temple which is also known as Radha-Krishna or Bua Buteni temple. This temple which is in close vicinity to Rani Kalhuri Devi temple is located at Jullaka Mohalla. People living in the neighbourhood tell that the Ram Talai temple is about hundreds year old.


The idea of constructing Ram Talai temple is believed to be conceived by Maharaja Gulab Singh. The temple premises houses the memorials which were built under king's reign for his sisters.


It is told that the pond present inside the temple was used by King's sisters (Bua) for bathing purpose wherein the queen used to accompany them sometimes. Later, all the women had to join for offering prayers to the Almighty. All the ladies were guarded by women security personnel.

After the queen's death, the water in the pond was made available to the people living in the vicinity for household chores. Owing to the unavailability of water, king ordered to make four ponds in this area so that people living in the Jullaka Mohalla do not have to suffer.


Though devotees visit this temple almost daily but when special poojas are also organised during which people throng the temple in large numbers. Once in a year, a Trijata Yagya is also organised. The temple is maintained by the Dharmarth Trust which also organises Bhandaras on Shivratri and all major festivals. Temples differ in architecture and significance among populace but each of them has different effect.


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