The teacher who became the God of Medicine, Lord Dhanwantri

Dhanteras | Ayurvedic celebrations as Dhanwantri Jayanti

The supreme power known as Almighty is the one who can remove all the worries and provide peace to the mind and body. As per Hindu mythology, the guardian angel of the world is called Vishnu Swarupa known by the name of Dhanwantri, empowered to heal the human beings.

Dhanteras festival is celebrated across the world by Ayurvedic professionals as Dhanwantri Jayanti. Dhanwantri is considered as the torch bearer in this field of surgery and medicine. As per the highly regarded books of surgery, he is considered as the incarnation of God, born on the plant to enlighten human beings about medicine and surgery.

Few things which need to be learnt about this ancient culture are enumerated below:

1. Dhanwantri, believed to be the teacher of Sushrata and many of his colleagues was a great teacher who handed over the knowledge of healing to his students. Later, he( Sushruta) compiled a book containing all the teachings of surgery and named it "Sushrata Samhita".

2. The day "Dhanteras" is celebrated to worship the great teacher of all times, Dhanwantri who was believed to be born around 1500 B.C.

3. Owing to his expertise in the field, he was considered more of a God in Hindu mythology. His student, Sushrata wrote an anthology of his teachings and compiled the most important lessons given by his teacher which are now considered the most authoritative book of medicine.

4. Modern medicines owe big time to these two great men, who by the dint of their hard work and sheer dedication set high standards in the field of medicine and surgery.

5. Their contribution to the field of medicine is undeniably authentic and though provoking.

6. In monumental classic monograph Sushrata Samhita, Sushrata described about 101 varieties of blunt instruments used by a surgeon. These included instruments used for treating different kinds of fractures, opening skull and removing tumours, reconstructing nose and ears, accidental injuries, cataract surgeries etc.

7. As a physician or surgeon, Dhanwantri is believed to be at the helm of the field of medicine and surgery. He was and still considered as the surgeon with high reputation.

So, this day, Dhanwantri Jayanti is the perfect occasion for the Ayurvedic professionals and other people related to the field of medicine to introspect that they can contribute to the society at a much larger scale. Dhanwantri, the god of medicine, the life-giving elixir provided this planet the most important message, saving life.

Freeing people of disease was something at which Dhanwantri excelled and taught the same to a group of sages, among which Sushrata was the foremost. And that is how, Dhanwantri, the patron god became the progenitor of Ayurveda.


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