Exposed transformer posing threat to residents lives

Appeal to the authorities to mount exposed transformers

People are exposed to risks owing to the insensitivity of the authorities who have installed transformer in Preet Nagar area, Jammu next to Bral Sweets without mounting it properly.

The exposed transformer can prove fatal considering that the children can touch the naked wires anytime. Talking about the laidback approach of the concerned authorities, one of the citizens complained that un-insulated cables were used and the transformer was not properly mounted or enclosed to avert any untoward incident. There is some prescribed height to mount the transformer for the safety of the people but the authorities seem to be sleeping over the norms and flouting them at the same time.

Not only humans but animals also can come in contact with the exposed transformer and die. The low -lying transformer is a matter of grave concern for the people of this area.

Residents said that they have tried to talk to the field staff of the concerned department but no action has been taken till date. The authorities seem to be least concerned about the safety of the lives of the populace. No proper enclosures were noticed near the transformer.

Even the cables attached to the transformer are at a few feet height thus making a situation for any misadventure to happen easily. Residents appeal that the concerned department must consider the potential risk posed by the exposed transformer and act at the earliest.

Citizen Reporter: Jaspreet Singh

Report compiled by Hardeep Bali

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