Billu mandir, Panjtirthi

Jammu, popularly known as the City of Temples is an abode to many Gods and Goddesses. Apart from that, several sanyasis and priests followed the path of penance for years and ended up living in the state seeking the truth. Owing to all these facts, Jammu is considered as a pious place blessed by the deities themselves. 


A very famous place in Jammu city houses five temples at one place which was later termed as Panjtirthi. One among those temples is Billu temple. The idea of constructing this temple was conceived by Maharaja Gulab Singh. Later, he delegated orders to build the temple, that's how the temple got established.

Presiding Deities


The presiding deities of the Billu temple include Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha. The deities are worshipped by the people with great conviction and faith. Since Lord Krishna is revered at this place so festivals like Krishna Janmashtami, Naag Panchmi are celebrated with enthusiasm and great devotion. The festival is celebrated with zeal in which devotees' fast, worship the Lord and stay up until midnight to rock the cradle in which Lord Krishna is believed to be born. The head priest also read the religious scriptures to aware people about the reality of life. Then, people gather around and sing devotional songs and dance on the melodious tunes celebrating Lord Krishna's birth.

As it is believed that Naag Devta also resides inside the temple premises so the festival of Naag Panchmi is also celebrated with great zeal and fervour.


Every temple has got a story related to its setting up; Billu temple has a similar legend too. Billu temple received its name from a very interesting incident. It is being told that, the first priest of the temple had light coloured eyes so whenever the kids from the vicinity used to visit temple and play there, they amusingly used to call him "Billu". The priest was then known by this particular name only and as time passed, people picked up his name and used to refer this temple as Billu temple. The priest stayed at the temple for about 40 years.

People believe that Billu mandir has some magical energy associated to it. Quoting one of the devotees said, "During British rule, whenever the enemy's army tried to fire at or walk up to this place, their vision used to get blurred, due to which they did not succeed in their plans."

Visiting Hours

As per the priest, the temple opens up for the darshan at 5:30 in the morning and is closed at around 9:00 p.m. The Aarti ceremony is done at 7:00 p.m. daily.

Devotees can visit this temple using local transport or in their own vehicles.


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