Karvachauth and the associated legendary stories

The atmosphere is soaked in the red color. Hands are dyed red with henna, the finest of the attire is ready to be worn, bangles ready to clink in the arms, bindi ready to rock the forehead, kajal ready to outline the dreamy eyes. In a nutshell the brides of the town are ready to take their husbands by their charm. From the newly wed to the ones celebrating their golden jubilee of togetherness everyone is excited as the festival of Karva Chauth embraces the town. ‘Karva' translates to an earthen pot that symbolizes tranquility while ‘Chauth' translates to fourth day of the kartik month. Brides are all set to fast for an entire day until the moon shows up whilst expecting the long and healthy lives of their respective husbands.

Let's dive deeper and reflect on the various legends associated with this pious festival.


draupadi karvachauth

Legends say that Draupadi used to observe this fast. While Arjun was away in Nilgiris seeking penance, the Pandavas endured a great deal of suffering due to his absence. She sought the help of Lord Krishna who further advised her to observe fast following proper rituals. She followed the same while observing a full day fast that relieved pandavas of their problems.



It is believed that one day Lord Yama came to acquire the soul of Satyavan to which his wife knelt, begged and asked for the life of her husband. Non-compliance of Lord Yama led Savitri to give up eating and drinking until Lord Yama granted her with herhusband's life.



Karva was a devoted wife. On an unfavorable day, a crocodile attacked her husband while he was bathing. Reciprocating to the screams of her husband she came running out and tied down the crocodile with a cotton yarn. Infuriated wife went to lord Yama and asked him to send the exasperated crocodile directly to hell. On being denied her request, she warned lord yama a curse. Feeling threatened by the words of a loyal and devoted wife, Lord yama granted her the wish, sent the offending crocodile to hell and blessed her husband with a long life.



Beauteous queen Veeravati was the only sister to seven brothers. She observed her first fast after her marriage with a king. Unable to deal with the hardship of fast, she was eagerly waiting for the moon to show up so she could terminate it. Her loving brothers weren't able to bear the discomfort of their sister and decided to climb up the peepal tree and reflect a mirror feigning a moon. Seeing the glare, Veeravati took it as the moon rise and swiftly broke her fast and ate food. The moment she sat to have her food she got news of her ill husband. While on her way to her husband's palace, she encountered Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Goddess Parvati informed her about the demise of her ill husband to which she asked for forgiveness. She was forgiven and her husband came back to life provided she had to fast strictly as per the customs. After that she used to fast for the long life of her husband.

All of the above stories reflect selfless love of wives. Earlier only women used to fast for the well being and long life of their husbands but now even husbands do the same. The markets of Jammu are overwhelming with the air filled with that specific aroma of henna. You can easily spot the mehandi wale at every step. Special stalls for bangles and accessories for females are also displayed. The whole market looks like a kaleidoscope and the air is filled with festivity.


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