Ram Mandir

Jammu received its name, the City of Temples because of the incalculable temples which are situated across the city thus creating a beautiful and sacred ambience. Amongst all the temples, Ram Mandir is unique in a way that it depicts the old heritage via idols present inside the temples; the surroundings too add a touch of spiritual experience for the devotees.


Ram temple situated at Panjjtirthi was built up about 200 years back. It is said that this temple was structured to imply the bearing of Lord Rama at this particular place. The shiv lingam present inside the temple is considered as peculiar one. The temple affairs are handled by the Pt. Amar Nath's family and the present priest of the temple claims that devotees can find statues of almost all the gods and goddesses inside the temple.



As per the tales, Jammu city had few water sources among which river Tawi was the main source due to which Tawi got great relevance at that time. Following which whenever tourists used to visit the state and stopover in Jammu, they preferred taking holy dips in the water of river Tawi which was later on picked up the residents of the region and became a trend. Subsequently, devotees started worshipping the shivalayas at this particular temple. Later on, the temple was considered as halting station for the visitors from across the length and breadth of the country.

The proposition about constructing the temple was given by the army personnel (sardaars as they were called at that time) of the then King of the region.

Visiting Hours


Considering the circumstances and today's lifestyle, people hardly visit temples on daily basis. And as per the priest of the temple, devotees throng the temple either on Sundays or on special occasions like Navratri festival, Ramnavmi or Shivratri to seek blessings from the presiding deity. People usually come for performing Vedic austerities but that is not a routine, such things happen occasionally.

Oftentimes, the management of the temple organises functions in which they tell traditional folklores to the devotees thus adding to their religious know-how.


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