Appeal to devotees for not plaguing sacred places

Festival are indeed the indicators of celebration and good times but the garbage that devotees throw near the temple premises is something we all must restrain from. Hordes of people visited Mahamaya temple located near Sidhra Bye Pass Jammu during Navratri festival and performed rituals and worshipped Lord seeking blessings but the after effect is something we must all be ashamed of.

Undeniably, the appalling truth is that the generic attitude of the people throwing plastic waste and gunny bags right outside temple's boundary is environmentally problematic which each and every responsible citizen must comprehend. We need to act more responsibly considering all the consequences of doing such things. Littering around the temple not only gives a bad impression but can also become a reason for the epidemic keeping in consideration that waste provides breeding environment for mosquitoes and flies.


Criticizing authorities for not performing their duties have become a habit but at the same time we completely neglect the fact that we are the ones who is disturbing the whole system. And especially at religious places when there is triple-fold increase in the traffic to temples during festival season, the devotees need to be a bit aware that plastic waste which is usually woefully plenty during this time must be thrown in the dustbins only. But pilgrims are rarely concerned about the defilement. They must realise that these wastes are exponentially increasing every year so some control must be accessed over the bad habits else the very essence of sacred places will tumble down.

Citizen Reporter: Trisha Sharma

Report compiled by Hardeep Bali

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