Appeal to parents to forbid teens from driving without license

With the rising number of cases in road accidents, facts suggest that when teens are behind the wheels, there is a greater possibility of fatalities. In the past three years, more than 25000 people were injured in road accidents in Jammu and Kashmir.

The problem lies with the legislation and parents who do not stop their kids from driving without license. Since mobility is a problem as parents are busy so they do not hesitate in buying power wheels to their kids. Moreover, driving needs patience but teens owing to highly active brains cannot drive safely. The state of mind contributes a lot as teens are always in hurry, using cell phones while driving, listening to loud music, breaking rules and all these things end up with road accidents hurting others.

Kavita Sharma, a mother of two kids said, "My son has the driving license but I have heard from his friends and relatives that he drives too fast, which makes me worry all the time. But I cannot do much as he wakes up pretty late and needs to get to college on time."

Many other people share same concerns but as they are victims of similar situations so they cannot stop their kids from driving recklessly. Moreover, it is also convenient for mothers especially as their kids can drop them to important places if they know how to drive. Besides, these days, teens tend to show off their driving skills by stunting which can again harm them. The irony is that even after getting caught, they easily get away either by pleading or bribing the men in blue, so these things need to be kept under check.

Measures need to be adopted to minimise the occurrence of such accidents but parents must also ensure that their kids do not drive irrationally and even if they want, an adult must accompany them. Teens do get adrenaline rush from driving fast but they must understand the fact that such attempts can kill someone and the situation can exacerbate.

Parents must counsel their children to aware them about the pitfalls of rash driving. They must be taught about seat belt usage and driving habits as this can have a great impact on their life.

Citizen Reporter: Kavita Sharma
Report compiled by Hardeep Bali

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