Amigo by Swati Basotra sets to transform the meaning of hobby classes and tuition centers in Jammu

Swati Basotra is an educationist par excellence and a visionary with a difference. Being a management professional for over 17 years in corporates like The Times of India, Tata group, prestigious management institutes and an NGO in sustainability, Swati embraces immense exposure to different corporate cultures and diverse people with ample opportunities to understand their thought process and situations. Swati is the founder of "Ttalk easy take easy" a counselling initiative, which is primarily to listen to people and inspire them to be productive in the journey of life with positivity. She also holds a vast experience in workshops on social interactions, human behavior and Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy. 

A motivational speaker and an influential orator, she inspired many parents, teachers and students while working with schools as a trainer, being empanelled with SCERT and Times of India. Her motivational workshops like "Inspire the fire" and "Be your own hero" have been very well appreciated amongst teachers and students in cities like Delhi NCR, Chandigarh and Jammu. Workshops on positive parenting and individual sessions on dealing adolescent issues have effectively provoked a new perspective in the thinking process of parents to better understand and manage their kids' behavior. Additionally, she collaborates with various organizations to provide counseling and regular coaching to cope up with stress associated with multiple exams and various competitions.


Being a renowned educationist herself, she knew that only happy and motivated children could make her vision a reality. This led to the conception of 'Amigo', an academy which imparts new age expertise and skills without being glued to TV or smart device screens. 'Leaders in Learning' is the transformation in education what she aims to produce. Her expansive vision encompasses children, parents, teachers and the society as a whole. '100% Screen Free, Fun Learning and Leading' is precisely how she explains her vision. Having done extensive work in the field of education in training teachers and other staff, she has promulgated the concept of matchless concept of education that focuses on overall development of children namely academics, creativity, life skills and talents. She established AMIGO recently at Sainik Colony, Jammu with a unique vision of 'Love...Learn...Lead'.


AMIGO aims at encouraging children to believe in themselves and their gifted talents and to a great extent prepares them to excel in their gifted talents. This institution, she founded, is surely one with a difference. At Amigo, the programme formulated is an after school programme for young students to inculcate creativity while pursuing academic excellence.

As the young children eyes are most of the times glued to the screens of some kinds or the other, the programme here enhances learning and leading through child centric education.

"We believe that every child is a genius in its own way and therefore we practice different methods of learning which include theoretical and interactive study. The learning center focuses on the traditions and ethos of India together with the modern technology in a natural environment. AMIGO provides a home away from home atmosphere for children. We believe and follow the practice of child centric education and follow ‘'DAP" Developmental appropriate practices where we treat every child unique and special, where teacher nurtures a child's social, emotional and academic skills", says Swati, the brain behind this unique concept of AMIGO.


AMIGO will surely transform the meaning of hobby classes and tuition centers in Jammu with its proficient approach and nationally acclaimed teachers. The institution provides adroit academics assistance; body language workshops for confidence building, recreation and unwinding through music and dance sessions while Kathak classes by renowned teachers are also conducted. According to the curriculum, the learning center's space is divided into organized academic area, activity area and emotional care area.

The daily routine allows children to move about the facility in appropriate areas such as homework cafés for academics, toy area, reading area, open area, art & craft area and space for meals and naps. AMIGO also promotes physical activity and inculcates sports aptitude with Chess, carom, educational games etc. Emphasis on orated and written skills is duly taken care with podium presentations. School homework too is tackled with the focus on interactive learning and not on cramming, aiding children to understand and complete their school homework in an efficient and conscientious manner.


AMIGO provides an excellent ambience for creativity and imagination. Guided by skilled instructors, students gain self-confidence as they explore and develop their artistic ability. Art & craft activities like painting, music, dance, clay modeling, sculptor, pottery, etc. are covered along with academics to ensure overall personality development, open minded thinking, self-learning and understanding of this important aspect of life.


Amigo endeavors to cater to entire emotional, physical and academic requirements of the children. The management is very open to parents' regular feedback and interaction to address individual areas of attention of the child from time to time to review progress over a period of time.

Counseling sessions are also taken by Swati herself for parents, children and women on prior appointments.


Swati Basotra and her transforming venture AMIGO backs years of experience of dealing with parents and children to pen down some inspiring tips of positive parenting. AMIGO propounds some very effective methods of creative child nurturing for parents and aims for over all student personality development. Kudos to Swati for introducing Jammu to such a unique concept which in a screen free environment will touch the lives of many children and enrich their lives with creativity and screen free learning. One can contact Swati for Amigo programme at 170, Adarsh Vihar (Opp. Jodhamal School),Sainik Colony, Jammu or reach her at 9810881602 / 9419291072.



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