5 Things to learn from Army men

He realized that like every time his mother had stirred the bowl of curd with too much of sugar because for her the quantity of sugar in the curd would be equal to the good luck his son would be bestowed with. While he stepped out of the main gate, his father gave him a courageous nod and a big heavy pat on his shoulder for he knew those shoulders were accountable with big responsibilities. He smiled with a smile big enough that his lips stretched at their maximum and the eyes wrinkled. She looked for one final time into his eyes struggling with her tears for she knew his husband was all set to leave for his duty. She fumbled and finally spoke," see you soon, officer sahib". She raised her hands to bid farewell to her husband and the wine color of the henna on her hands infused him with motivation for he knew after he accomplishes his duty he would get to see them again. He hung his back on his iron shoulders and turned to never look back for he never wanted his emotions to overpower him.

As he reminisced those scenes that were a year old, he struggled to find the appropriate words to express how much he missed them. He sat there in the trench with his neatly starched and ironed uniform enveloped with mud. Rather than breaking down, he wrote about the grenade lessons and the sun that rose and set everyday on the battlefield. He scribbled the paper with the new friends he made there that shared a mutual passion, passion to be the warrior, passion to be the knight in shining armor and passion to guard the nation.

So, here is a list of five qualities we can learn and we need to acquire from our soldiers:

DISCIPLINE- Discipline forms the elementary quality of every Army man. To give up on procrastination and heedlessness whilst replacing it with discipline is what we need to learn from every soldier.

COURAGE- A small cut while dicing the onion makes people go ouch and it hurts so bad. We all need to groom ourselves and learn how to keep a strong foot even if the chips are down. Army men are like lions who seldom take a back seat. We fear so much, fear of a demotion, fear of a failed relationship, fear of not earning too much and fear of leading an indecisive and an incompetent life. Well courage is the medication to the wound of fear and Army men exemplify its use.

TEAM WORK- If you want to walk fast, walk alone but if you want to walk far, walk together. Army men are a perfect example of team work. Onward they go, forward they march. They strike a perfect team work and are united by their like mind and like passion. United they stand. Always.

ESSENCE OF TRUE FRIENSHIP- They share an unflinching and a tenacious bond of friendship. They become their own families and their undeterred bond sets some serious friendship goals for us.

REAL ESSENCE OF PATRIOTISM- Mearly uploading a selfie with the national tricolor flag or applying the tricolor paint on your cheeks or uploading patriotic status on social networking sites twice a year that is on republic day and independence day or expressing a sharp sense of hate in the comments section against other countries won't make you patriotic. Patriotism comes from within. Serve the under privileged segments of the society, be some ones damsel in distress, provide a hand to the fellow Indians who need help and always stand against injustice, to garnish the flavor of patriotism within. I salute our brave soldiers and their unending love for the country.

In the process of pursuing their dreams they incur lots of disappointments and moments of physical and mental agony but they have trained themselves and they control their emotions. They believe. Most people earn a living, raise a family and die. They stop growing and with their demise their name disseminates in the soil in which they are buried or is turned into ashes in their pyre. But people who die for their nation live forever. They become immortals. They refuse to lead a life as it is and instead choose to be brave enough to follow their dream and passion.

For them it's not over until they win.
Cowards die many times before their death but a valiant never tastes death but once.


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