Samadh Gurdwara, the most prominent Sikh gurdwara in the city

Gurdwara, refers to Sikh places of worship, which means Guru’s abode or the “dwaar” to Guru’s home. In Sikhism, it is preached that everything can be achieved or gained only by Guru’s grace. Jammu City has been a place of popular pilgrimages spread across the length and breadth of the state, Samadh Gurdwara near Jewel Chowk is one among many Important places of the State.


In Jammu, Samadh Gurdwara or Bibi Chand Kaur’s Gurdwara is one such place which is known as one of the great spiritual centres. This gurdwara was built in the memory of Maharani Chand Kaur (1802-1842), the wife of Maharaja Kharak Singh, the eldest son and successor of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Maharani Chand Kaur was born in Fatehgarh which presently falls in Gurdaspur district of Punjab. She was married to Prince Kharak Singh and was known for her courageous spirit as instead of casting a veil, she proudly used to don a turban and inspect the cavalcades of Khalsa troops as their crowned ruler. It is being said that until the year 2002, there was a Samadhi of the Maharani but later with the consent of the people, Gurdwara building and Yatri Niwas was constructed.


The gurdwara is located in the centre of the city i.e., Jewel Chowk near Gummat area. Apart from the Gurdwara, a school and B Ed College also run in the premises. This B. Ed College is considered as one of the oldest institutions of Jammu and is named after Maharani Chand Kaur. The hostel facility is also made available to the students studying in the college.


Every year on Gurupurabs, Sikh Sangat including men, women and children throng Gurdwara Sahib to offer special prayers. Gurupurabs are meant to celebrate the martyrdom and births of Sikh Gurus. Devotees visit the Gurdwara with great ardour; several arrangements are made for the public. Ahead of Gurupurabs, large processions of Sikh Sangat singing hymns march from Jewel to Nanak Nagar Gurdwara every year. Moreover in Gurdwaras, chanting of hymns and recitation of Adi Granth is done. Guru Ka Langar is served to devotees on this occasion.

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