Hospital in Kathua district turned to Cattle shelter

Hospitals are constructed with the motive to provide better healthcare facilities to the citizens but in the sub hospital of Logate village of Kathua district, stray cattle were spotted roaming freely inside the hospital premises.


The hospital has been turned into cow shelter by the people living near the hospital. Stray cattle are on free run thus adding up to the menace.

The villagers claim that the gate of the hospital is broken and the attendants in the hospital do not consider it their responsibility to maintain the hospital property so some elderly people often tie their cows to gate posts or leave them for grazing inside the hospital premises.


Authorities when approached by the people of the village clarified their stand by pointing out that it is not their job to look after the infrastructure.


On the other villagers believe that due to the careless attitude of the attendants; the hospital has been turned into a cow shelter which is highly insanitary for the patients visiting hospital for treatment. The cattle near any health centre are capable of infesting germ and causing epidemic. Thus, the villagers appeal the authorities to look into the matter at the earliest and solve the matter to avert any outbreak.

Inputs By Citizen Journalist :Sahil Jasrotia

Report compiled By : Hardeep Bali

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