Commuters hanging on to overloaded matadors while authorities turn blind eye

Authorities should be brought under pressure to do something about overcrowding in city matadors. Plying of overcrowding matadors where commuters are hanging on to them on all possible places has been on the rise on about different routes of the city including the highway routes.

Citizen journalist Avjit Kohli sent us the inputs of the situation at Sarore Adda, Bari Brahmana, Jammu with the picture where one can spot passengers literally hang from the door and at the back ladder of the matador.

It has become a common sight to see children and women with babies being crushed together and people falling from footboards. Will the authorities take some measures to curtail overcrowding in these matadors? Year after year, sight of overcrowding and commuters hanging on the public transport is on rise and traffic police and concerned authorities completely ignore the issue. Public transport in the city has taken a major hit due to persistent negligence.

When are the concerned authorities planning to take action until it becomes too late? Our city authorities have largely failed to provide residents with a better quality of life. It is the duty of the government to take action against the defaulters. The violation of the city matador operator is continuing due to the negligent attitude of traffic police and RTO officials.

We appeal the authorities not to turn blind eye to the situation and take the necessary action.

Inputs By Citizen Journalists : Avjit Kohli
Compiled By : Payal Jain

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