I bring to you the king of the mountains

Once they reached the walled city, Nandi slowed down into the most majestic trot that outdid any stallion of a trained royal cavalry. He was, after all the one-man cavalry of the most royal being. Both the men and the women, who had come to the marketplace for their usual chores, momentarily forgot what they had come for, and found their gaze transfixed on this unusual sight. Shiva waved back happily at each man, bowing politely to each woman.

Nandi thought it appropriate to bellow loudly and shake the bell around his neck, almost in a dance. The effect was magic; all the marketgoers found their whole being rushing, with an inexplicable joy that radiated visibly in their smiles.

Shiva and Nandi reached the main gates of the palace.
"Who are you? What brings you here?"asked the chief guard politely, but firmly.
"We are here to see King Daksha," replied Nandi, as Shiva just smiled.

The guard was taken aback that the bull could speak; nevertheless he managed to shoot out his next interrogative. "What would you like to see the King for? You have to take a prior appointment. He has to meet many people on a daily basis, even heads of provinces have to await their turn, sometimes for days together."

"I bring to you no head of province, guard!" said Nandi a little louder."I bring to you the Supreme Master of the mountains, the Head of all heads, The Great Lord Shiva Himself!"

The Story of Great God Shiva, by modern Shaivite author Shail Gulhati from the book SHIVA, The Ultimate Time Traveller available at AMAZON.

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