Peer Buddan Ali Shah, saint who lived for 500 years

Peer Baba near Satwari airport is a recognisable landmark in Jammu city, the Dargah belongs to a famous Muslim saint, Peer Budhan Ali Shah. People locally know this place by the name "Satwari wale Peer Baba". The tomb is approximately 8-9 kilometres from the Jammu city and is located near Jammu airport. This particular place is famous for the reason that Peer Baba saves people from evil spirits and thus people irrespective of the caste, creed, colour, religion or sex worship and visit the Dargah to seek blessings.


As per the traditional stories, it is being said that Baba Buddan Ali Shah hailed from Punjab and he was the contemporary of famous foreseers Ajaib Dev and Ghareeb Nath. It is also told that Baba Buddan Ali Shah survived solely on milk for his entire life (i.e., 500 years)

One very interesting story associated with the Dargah is about the aircrafts. Since Dargah is situated in the surroundings of Jammu airport so at that time, plans were made to expand the runway, following which strategies to demolish the Ziyarat were propounded. Further, these planes which used to take off around the shrine started to develop some engine problems and everyone was surprised as nobody could find the relevant explanation for the same.

So, the problems continued for a long time and no planes were able to take off for a prolonged time. Following these incidents, the then officer in charge had a dream in which Baba ordered him to cancel his orders regarding the demolition of the Dargah. The very next morning, officer withdrew his orders and then the untoward incidents stopped happening. These events made him a great devotee of Baba Buddan Ali Shah.

History also tells that Baba Buddan Shah was a dear friend of Guru Gobind Singh and he has also met Guru Nanak when he lived on a hill on Kehloor Mountains where Guru Nanak visited to discuss spiritual things with Baba Buddan Shah. This close association of Peer Shah with the Sikh Gurus helps in establishing the fact that many Sikhs also feel drawn to the Peer Buddan Shah's Dargah so they also visit the Dargah on Thursdays to seek the blessings of the Peer Buddan Ali Shah.


Congregational prayers are held in Dargah on Thursdays and also on annual Urs when devotees throng the place in large numbers to encourage the vibe of brotherhood and harmony. They offer oil for the lighting lamps and chaddars at Dargah, which symbolises respect and desire to build a bond with the Almighty. The concept of using cloth to cover the grave is to keep it clean and pristine in appearance. Besides, the Chaddars are offered on Dargahs of well-known saints and not ordinary people. Chaddar gives an idea that the grave belongs to a pious soul which in turn restrain people from committing crimes so people offer them as a sign of respect and hope their wishes to be fulfilled. People also tie threads to the tree inside the Dargah and hope that their wishes are granted.


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