Nabeel, differently abled but the happiest man on planet

Nabeel Ahmed Dar, 18-year-old young boy studies at Vocational Secondary School for Hearing /Speech Handicapped Boys and Girls near Residency Road. The school was inaugurated by Mohtarma Begum Sheikh Abdullah in the year 1981 in a small temple complex.

Well, living a luxurious life, we do not abstain from complaining about almost every single thing be it the way our day starts, the congested roads traffic, the sweltering summers, the nippy winters, the food or the clothes we wear, we hardly miss out anything. Further adding up to our list of woes our favorite daily soaps, missing which infuriates us the very next moment but have we ever pondered what world might have been for these kids who are challenged in hearing as well as in speaking.

Nabeel, one among these bright kids has been studying in this school since kindergarten. To us where every day brings a new hope to grab new opportunities and excel at them, these kids got to own what they have, a silent world. As disheartening and emotional it may sound, Nabeel never even once let us sense his fears. This guy is probably the happiest man we have ever seen, with his twinkling eyes, sharp features, polished gestures, gorgeous smile and boundless energy translating every single word he tried to speak throughout the entire conversation we had with him.

Nabeel's father is a lecturer and his family has always been very supportive to him. Nabeel, whom we can actually call the chirpy bird of the class, is always prepared to cheer everyone up. Though, he loves to dance and paint yet he shied away with a smirk when enquired about his favorite actress. Nabeel is a hardcore Salman Khan fan ( when persuaded to get clicked in one of Salman's famous poses, he denied for the reason that he still got a work out to look more like his favorite star). The maddening thing about meeting such decent souls is that we get to see realism and loopholes in our society which are actually fixable with dialogue and still we do not attempt to make amends. It is an appeal to the masses, please do not hesitate to visit these wonderful kids and if possible do take books, pens, pencils, eatables or whatever you can afford to support the cause and make their life a little more undemanding. Interact with these compassionate kids and explore humanity.

A small donation will go a long way for Nabeel and his friends, so please consider donating to J&K Samaj Kalyan Kendra SB A/C No. 0076040100007731 in Jammu Kashmir Bank, Residency Road, Jammu-180001


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