Appeal to the authorities for repairing potholes

With ample amount of funds pumped in for the infrastructure, tourism and restructuring of sewerage system, clogged drains and broken roads, the citizens expect the government to fill in these death traps as they can cause injuries but all efforts seem to go in vain.

These potholes and open drainage holes have become a common sight in Khuda chowk, Channi Himmat area, owing to the negligence of the authorities. The government must start the repair work immediately to avoid any untoward incidents in the future. One cannot expect to jog on such a road as broken roads and potholes have become potential threat. Recently, two people accidently fell into this hole but that still does not seem to catch government's attention.

Why are authorities sleeping over this issue? Are they expecting someone to die?

Since over recent years, technological advancements have taken place so this problem can be solved by using a better material which can stay in position for different seasons. Most of the potholes in the middle of the road are the real annoyance which results in damage of vehicles worth lakhs. Besides, the injuries caused to the elderly people or kids make a large part of the pothole deaths.

Heavy vehicular traffic, poor drainage system and poor maintenance of the road make areas more prone to pothole development thus the authorities must repair the broken roads and plug the gaps in the beginning itself. Dividers or medians must be used when repair work is being done so that two-wheelers or bus drivers do not cross over the death traps.

It is an appeal to the concerned authority to visit the site and start the repair work at the earliest lest negligence can cause fatal accidents.

Citizen Reporter: Manya Singh

Report compiled by Hardeep Bali

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