Matadors endangering lives and the authorities sleeping over the issue

Matadors are the lifeline of the Jammu city and the most used public transportation in Jammu. The most affordable transport of the city is becoming a major cause of fatal accidents because of the overloading issue in these mini buses.

Citizen reporter Subash Mahajan says, "There is no doubt that these matadors are a cheap and convenient means of transport. But this overloading troubles a lot. Overloading in these are used to ferry passengers from one place to another in rural and semi-urban areas, is quite visible and dangerous, but the authorities seem to be reluctant in initiating action against the violators".

According to sources, the Motor Vehicles Department of Jammu has passed mini buses with the maximum seating capacity of 23 people inside the city area and 15 people on the outskirts like Janipur, Muthi, and Narwal etc. But accommodating more than 70 passengers per drive is a very common practice in these mini buses. Passengers hanging at the back of the mini buses are also another common sight in and on the outskirts of the city.

A mini bus driver said they had to indulge in overloading of vehicles, as it was about making profit at the end of the day. He said even commuters did not have many options. "Everyone wants to reach their destination early and we also want to earn more by ferrying maximum passengers," he added.

Despite clear directions by the government banning overloading in passenger vehicles, no strict action has been taken so far on the issue. The traffic police have failed miserably to tackle the situation and the traffic police department seems to brush aside the issue establishing the fact that they are working hand in glove and paying no heed to the overloading problem.

Overloaded vehicles are major road safety hazards. They endanger lives, properties and also cause premature deterioration of roads. It is a very risky practice and can cause fatal accidents on busy highways. No one is there to keep a check on this. In areas like Channi Himmat, where these mini buses have to take the highway route, such overloading practice threatens life of a common person. We appeal to the concerned authorities especially to the traffic police department not to turn a blind eye to the concerned matter and take firm actions against the defaulters.

Inputs By Citizen Reporter : Subash Mahajan

Report Compiled By : Payal Jain

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