Stronger laws and stricter punishments to deter cruelty towards all animals


'The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.' - Mahatma Gandhi

Had Mahatma Gandhi been alive today, he would have never allowed India, a nation known for ahimsa, to stoop to such a low level in its treatment of animals.

Our disregard and disrespect of wildlife is obvious in the way we are mindlessly destroying their natural habitats in the name of progress. And in the recent past, the Government has also declared some wild animals as vermin and made it legal to kill them. This includes our national bird, the peacock.

The treatment of domestic animals like cows and buffaloes, sheep and goats, pigs and hens, and horses and donkeys is sad and pathetic. They are treated no more than as inanimate machines and commodities. Likewise for the animals we breed like fishes, rabbits, birds, dogs, cats, mice and so on, life and death is at the mercy of humans.

And that is why a few compassionate people are getting together to launch a movement against animal abuse with the hope that all of India joins in and those in power make stronger laws, stricter punishments and heftier fines to deter cruelty towards all animals.


Citizen Report By : Malvika Kalra

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