11 categories of teachers all of us had in our lives

Which one are you remembering now?

My childhood taught me that there isn't a sentence more grotesque and haunting than "So ja beta nahi to gabber aa jayega" and "homework kar le beta nahi to teacher se maar khayega". So, here comes the day for our backbones, our constant fuels, the undying flames, the day of positive as well as negative motivators who form an indispensable part in our lives like sunlight to photosynthesis, the nucleus to an atom, faraday's law to electromagnetic induction, charge to current, oxygen to life and all such adjectives.

Here is a list of 11 types of teachers we all had and could relate to-

1. THE WALKING AUTOBIOGRAPHIES: During the first five minutes of the lecture they will say a few sentences about the topic they were supposed to cover and then go into deep reminiscences and walk down their memory lane. From the day they were born to the day they graduated and everything in between.


2. THE RULE SETTERS: They come with their own set of rules and those are the 50 minutes of my life where our democracy and the fundamental rights are snatched away from us and we are made to follow dictatorship. You have to work in silence, you can't drink water while they are teaching, you can't sit until she says so and their lecture is a fine example of dead silence.

strict teacher

3. THE HAWK EYED: They are blessed with exceptional eyesight. They know how many words you scribbled on your notebook and can easily peep till the last bench. The matters become worse when they become the invigilator in your examination hall. You can run, you can hide but you can't escape their eyes.

4. THE AUDIO TAPE: Their instrument of survival is a golden notebook, where they jot down their entire lecture the night before and deliver the same lecture next day, unaltered. Any question you ask them becomes out of syllabus or is quenched with "you'll learn it in higher classes". They come, dictate, leave, repeat.

5. THE SHOWER: Their lectures, ‘t-a-l-a-f-u-z' seem quite like a shower which hold the unique ability to vacant the entire front row after all who needs a watery face pack.

6. THE JUST OUT OF MAGAZINE: These teachers are the show stoppers and have the power to give butterflies to the opposite gender students and earn envy from the same gender ones. We've always strived to be in their good list.

7. THE THREATNING ONE: "I will kick you out of the class", "I'll throw you out of the window", "I'll slap you", "I won't accept your assignments", "I wont give you attendance" to the ultimate one, "I'll detain you".

8. THE SCIENTIST: They are usually the one brimming with so much knowledge that they often lose the direction in the world of their wisdom and while teaching MS paint they'll teach you about microprocessors too.

9. THE ULTRA SLO-MO: These types of teachers have nothing new and nothing exciting left in their lives. Their monotonous life reflects in their walk and their over emphasis on each and every word they utter. Their lecture is a 45-50 minutes of lullaby and these teachers are the ones who have a pet dialogue, "Do silent reading".

10. THE ANGELIC MOTHER: We've all have had that one teacher who loved tenderly as a mother, would spare the homework, be friendly. The teacher with the motherly qualities who always encouraged and whose words were like the delicate petals of flowers, so fragrant and soft.

All of us had special names for them. We owe them a lot. Teachers toil hard with all those piles of notebooks to be checked, all exam papers to be set. We were just a seed when we were handed over to them and they nurtured us to be what we really are today.  This teacher's day let's thank all the teachers who contributed selflessly towards our making, their hard work made us.


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