Closure and repair work of fourth Tawi Bridge baffle citizens

Closure of fourth Tawi Bridge in Jammu has been affecting the populace from a long time. Firstly, the bridge crossed many deadlines and was inaugurated and opened for traffic way later than the predefined deadline. Secondly, the bridge could not survive the September 2014 floods which led to its closure. The concerned authorities took its time to repair the bridge and opened it for vehicular traffic.

Now, recently the embankment was washed away and without prior notice, bridge was again closed down citing reasons for immediate repairs and construction. The whole traffic was diverted through Jewel which resulted in traffic congestion at canal road throughout the day.

These instances make us question the planning done before the construction work was actually started for the fourth bridge. Did not the concerned department check the feasibility of the bridge or did not they keep a check over the material used for its construction? What kind of material was used which did even survive one heavy downpour? Why does the bridge demand repair every three months? The other three bridges do not apparently seem getting damaged by floods.

In context of recent damages, authorities came up with one week deadline while the situation on ground speaks volumes about the actual time required to restore it. Was this project meant to push our state forward on the development scale or drag it down?

By creating such projects which demands money to fix its structure so frequently definitely baffles the tax payer. The repair work must have consumed half of the actual amount proposed for the project in the first place. Budget must be assigned to new projects rather than reassigning to botched developments.

Earlier the closure of bridge led to restrictions on the movement of Amarnath yatris and now when Darbar move is about to happen, the work is still happening at a snail’s pace.

So, the concerned authorities must show some accountability as they solely are responsible and answerable for the protection work advancing on the bridge and provide some relief to the citizens.

Citizen Reporter : Poonam

Report compiled by Hardeep Bali


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